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Feb. 21st, 2007


A lull in lullaby.

Things are too quiet. I mean, I always update this thing saying the same thing. Nothing has been happening. We're prowling. We're watching. It's silent. No trace of Victoria. Nothing. I don't know if Bella's still grounded or not. It's hard to keep in touch if you know what I mean. I wish something interesting would happen. It's got to be better than this waiting and standing around. I don't want anything big or dangerous, just something. A sunny day. A new project. A movie. I haven't been to the movies since Bells and I saw that horrible horror flick with that Newton kid. It was fun. Up until the point where I thought my skin was peeling off and I was going to die, that is. I've been to the junkyard a few times to see if I could pick up some interesting parts, but even that has been empty and fruitless. How about a natural disaster? A hurricane or a tornado to shake something up. I'm an awful person for wishing that, I know, but this weather is just stale and unforgiving and I just want something to happen, to make some much needed noise. Or else I feel like I'm going to go insane. I wish I could talk to Quil. I miss having friends. I miss normal. I think it's underrated. Oh well.

Feb. 15th, 2007


The nights are catching up with me.

I live the "night life." And not the kind with the partying and hanging out stuff. And I think it's starting to take its toll. Some nights, I'm with it and I can't feel the effects. But last night, I just wanted to sleep for years. It was Valentine's Day yesterday. I read somewhere that this holiday, or whatever, can be connected to the wolf. I also remember something about a massacre. So I'm thinking it's probably not the best day for love. Sam took Emily out. She seemed happy enough. And it really seemed to help him. His moods have been on a downswing lately. I didn't do anything special. Which isn't surprising since you have to- nevermind.

I think I'll spend today in bed. I think I'll feel better when I get some real sleep.

Feb. 13th, 2007


The best thing about Forks is also the worst.

This town is a double edged sword.

It's so quiet. And quiet is good. But today, it's too quiet. There's nothing to do. Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is hang out in my garage and hunt things. I considered going cliff diving, but it's too cold for that today. I've already done the homework that I have. So now I'm here, on this freakin' ancient computer that took nearly an hour to connect to the internet. And I have an online journal. Which is girly as anything, but hey, at least it occupies some of my time. And I guess being able to do nothing is better than having to do something. Things just recently got calmed down here, I suppose I shouldn't be complaining. It's a good day for fishing though. I've never been one to be able to sit still for long without moving. Sam's spending the day with Emily which is nice. It makes me wish... well, I guess it's stupid really.

And what's with these pop ups? Man, some of them are just so arbitrary.

I feel bad for avoiding Quil. But I think that for now, it's a necessary evil. I wouldn't be able to really talk to him anyway with all the rules and everything.

And Bella's still grounded for eternity, not that I would really be able to visit her anyways. No offense Bells. Awkward has never been something I'm good at.

Oh well. I guess I'll visit the junkyard to see if I can round up some interesting parts for a project.

Feb. 11th, 2007


I wish this thing had an engine.

No, really computers are nothing like cars or trucks. I feel like I could break this thing just by tapping on the keys. I have no idea how Billy got a hold of one, but I suspect Charlie was in on it. It's ancient. And it smells funny. Almost like something inside could be burning. I think this one might actually be older than the one Bella's got. Amazing.

Uhh. In any case, the jury's still out on the whole computer thing. But I'm trying. Because... well.. just because.

I didn't do too much today, basically hung around in the garage waiting for nightfall. Quil called, but I didn't get a chance to talk to him. Embry stopped in and we talked shop for a bit before he went off to join Sam. I tried to get my dad to buy back the bikes, but he looked like he would rather go cliff diving than talk to Charlie about the motorcylces. Guess I can't blame him. I'm gonna go talk a walk on the beach before the sun sets. And then... well, who knows.